Post Roundup 1- November 2017 – June 2018

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In case you are new or just need a quick way to search through posts instead of using the archives, this post roundup is here to  help! This is my first post round up, focusing on all the posts I have written thus far in my 8 months of blogging! I hope to do them […]

June 30, 2018

Marble Shaving Cream Egg Coloring

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Even though Easter has passed this can still be a great sensory experience for children to explore! It is an extremely simple set up as well! You all know how much I love sensory play and think shaving cream is one of the best sensory experiences for all ages! Here is how we made marble […]

April 14, 2018

Child-Led Play: Flower Play

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I meant to write this post in March, but that didn’t happen. I love how colorful the pictures were, so this post might be more pictures than words, but I think pictures tell the story better. 🙂 We had our flower play about a week after Valentine’s Day. I compiled all of the dying roses […]

April 7, 2018