Bringing Nature Inside

Activites, Development / Sunday, September 30th, 2018

Here is a snip-it of my post published a few weeks ago on Mommy N Me about bringing Nature Inside.

If you have followed me on here for a while or follow me on my instagram, you might have seen that I LOVE playing outside. I truly believe that playing in nature benefits children (and adults) in so many ways! As seasons change there is something new to learn, explore, and discover every single day!

However, living in Wyoming it can be difficult to enjoy nature when you are 2 feet deep in snow for 6-8 (or more) months of the year. Our mountains received snow mid-August this year! The cold doesn’t always stop us from enjoying the wonderful experiences of Autumn! Even though it snows through most of Autumn, Winter, and Spring where I live, I’m determined to get as much out of our seasons despite the snow. How do I do that? By bringing nature inside!

You might be asking: Where do I start? It gets SO messy!

To which I say, yes. Nature is messy, but sometimes getting messy is the best way to learn! You can start by observing your kiddos while you are outside. What are they interested in and how can you replicate that inside?

Positives of Bringing Nature Inside:

  1. Nature is calming
  2. Natural materials boosts our immune system
  3. Nature involves all of our senses

Negatives of Bringing Nature Inside:


You can read the rest over on Mommy N Me to read different tips and tricks to go about bringing nature inside. This month she put together 30 different bloggers to get everyone in the Fall spirit. I have enjoyed reading others posts this month as well as writing this one!

As always, thank you for reading! I hope you are excited for the changing of seasons!

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