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In case you are new or just need a quick way to search through posts instead of using the archives, this post roundup is here to  help! This is my first post round up, focusing on all the posts I have written thus far in my 8 months of blogging! I hope to do them a bit more frequently and focus on different areas as well. Some of these posts can fit under multiple categories, but I listed them until the one I think it utilizes the most. 🙂


Post Roundup


Post Roundup - activities | Playland Preschoolers

  • Picasso Tiles PTT300 Fire Truck Car Set Review – Picasso Tiles kindly sent this – free of charge- for my kiddos to explore. They loved it! They still play with it even after months of having it!
  • Picasso Tiles PTT301 Front Loader Tractor Review – Picasso Tiles also sent this tractor! My kiddos LOVE tractor so I knew this one would be a hit!
  • Week of the Young Child Activities – Week of the Young Child is a great week for early childhood educators! Here I list out different activities to go along with the daily theme during WOTYC.
  • Snow Play – When it is too cold to go outside, just bring the snow inside! My kiddos refused to wear gloves even though their fingers got cold. A free sensory experience that all of the kiddos enjoyed!


Post Roundup - Management | Playland Preschoolers

  • 5 Ways to Support Independence in Children – This is one of my first posts and I still cherish it. Eventually I will probably rewrite it, but I love all of the information on here. There are a lot of different ways to help your children become independent because if you are like me, you don’t want to do everything for them all the time.
  • 10 Tips to Handle Behavior Issues – There can never be enough ideas on handling a troubling behavior. I give you 10 tips on how to manage the behavior so it hopefully becomes less of an issue, or no issue at all!
  • 13 Teaching Tips – Although I am still a young teacher, I was given tips, asked on various facebook groups, and came up with my own. If you are ever feeling down about teaching, give this a read!
  • 5 Classroom Rules to Teach Children – These are my 5 must-teach rules which actually can hold different rules within them…but these 5 are a great start for the start of the year to help minimize headaches.
  • 10 Teacher Books to Have – I love reading and I need to do it more often. I love books that I can utilize and practice with such as these. This list focuses on outside play, reggio learning, and miscellaneous books that are still useful!
  • Inspirational Spaces – Designing an environment that is utilized well and inspires children to create, learn, and communicate is, what I think, ideal in classrooms. These are some that I love.

Child Led Play

Post Roundup - Child Led Play | Playland Preschoolers

  • Child-Led Play: Cotton Balls and Pom Poms – Cotton Balls and Pom Poms are great for fine motor! When I set these materials out I let children decide what to do. Come read about how they utilize these materials!
  • Child-Led Play: Play Dough – Play dough is one of the best materials for child-led play! It is also a great tool for sensory play, fine motor strength, and creativity!
  • Child-Led Play – This post is all about the importance of child led play, what it is about, and my role in this play. It is all about scaffolding children individually in areas that they find interesting!
  • Exploring Building Concepts – Most children love to build. I dive into analyzing their building, it’s importance, and how they have grown. This post focuses on Magnetic Blocks.
  • Exploring Building Concepts: Lincoln Logs – Similar to the post above I document how their building changes with more exposure and with different kiddos playing along. However, this post focuses on Lincoln Logs which were my favorite materials to build with when I was little.
  • Child-Led Play: Flower Play – Who doesn’t love flowers?! These kiddos had a blast exploring these leftover flowers. Plus, the room had a lovely floral scent when we were done.
  • Week of the Young Child 2018 – I love celebrating Week of the Young Child. It is a week to fully enjoy children as they are in specific moments. Letting them play freely and enjoy their childhood. This is a review on how I incorporated WOTYC with my preschoolers.


Post Roundup - DIY| Playland Preschoolers

  • DIY Rainbow Rice Sensory Box – A super easy way to dye rice for a sensory box! I used acrylic paint I had laying around so it was also inexpensive.
  • DIY Snow Ice Cream – We had some REALLY heavy snow late winter which made for the perfect snow ice cream. I love activities that allow children to help create such as this.
  • DIY Place Mats – I wish place mats were the norm. It helps children visualize a place for their materials during meal time…especially that pesky cup!


Post Roundup - Development| Playland Preschoolers

  • Why is Outside Play Important – I love outside play. I think it is so important for children to get outside 365 days a year (or 366 if it is a leap year). Being out in nature changes children. There is less fighting, less behaviors to correct, and everyone is happier.
  • Benefits of Sensory Play – Sensory play is the best. However, not everyone enjoys it. Some kiddos will seek out the messy play where as others avoid it. Sensory play is all about the senses, but is often associate with touch. Sensory play is play that should happen daily at home and school. Let kids get messy, it is good for them!
  • What is Play? – New to Early Childhood? Concerned about how your child is playing? This is the post for you! Play changes as children grow older. Developmentally, some children progress faster than others which is normal! Every child will hit all of these major play developmental stages.
  • How Children Resolve Conflict Without Saying “I’m Sorry” – By far one of my favorite posts to write and the one I have received most comments (via email) for. Developmentally, preschools (even K/1 kids) aren’t ready to understand the words “I’m sorry” and what they mean to others. I give you different tips to help children resolve conflict that is pro-social and developmentally appropriate for your young child.
  • Why I Don’t Like Weekly Themes – This was the only post that I wasn’t sure where to place. However, I think it does fit well under the development category because developmentally, themes don’t work for children…they don’t really work for anyone. Intead, I plan using an emergent curriculum that focuses on student interest as a whole as well as individually to generate “themes”.


That is it! I have posted quite a bit in 8 months! I hope you have enjoyed reading my posts and have found some bit of inspiration from them!

Post Roundup | Playland Preschoolers

Thank you for reading! Let me know what your favorite post is!

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