What Makes Quality Toys?

Activites / Friday, November 24th, 2017

Picking quality toys for kids can be kind of stressful. Kids will be brutally honest. You could buy something, and they may never play with it.

My requirements for quality toys are these:

  1. Is it made from quality materials?
  2. Can it be played with by multiple ages and developmental stages?
  3. Can it be used in multiple ways?

Those three questions guide my choices. Quality materials will last longer (and usually look nicer). If it can be played with by multiple ages, you won’t have to buy new toys as frequently. If it can be used in multiple ways, that means it is developmentally appropriate for all ages. It also aides to children using their imagination and being creative.

I usually order my toys from Amazon because of its convenience. Plus, living in small-town Wyoming, the nearest toy store is a two hour drive away. SO, Amazon is my best friend!

This post does include affiliate links however, I am not sponsored by any of these products, please see my disclosure policy here.


For infants – one and a half here are the toys I recommend:

Stacking Blocks:

Textured Balls:

Melissa & Doug Cars:

Hard Body Baby Doll:

For kids one and a half – 5, along with the toys above, here are the toys I recommend:

Picasso Tiles:

Rainbow Blocks:

Colored Bears:

Magnetic Building Sticks:

Peg Boards:

Wooden Blocks:


These are just a few recommendations, I’ll do an updated list when I discover new, engaging toys.

With these toys, they also go REALLY well with either a light table or a magnetic board.

Community Playthings provides GREAT, high quality materials. I wish I had enough money to buy everything!

Quality Toys for Kids

I enjoy all of these toys mainly because children of all ages can find joy in playing with them. Sometimes I wish my kiddos wanted to play longer with certain toys because I enjoy playing with the toys. I also choose a lot of toys that can be built with. Building toys provide children the opportunity to fail.

Yes. I choose toys that sets children up to fail. Why? If they never fail, then how will they learn? Children can learn that if their base is too small, they won’t be able to build a big, tall top. It may take a couple times for children to learn that, but that trial and error is all part of learning! I hope to help grow children who are resilient, they see a challenge and push through, even if it gets hard!

I wish I had all the money to buy all the toys! Maybe one day! 🙂

Thanks for reading! I’ll see you next time!

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