Exploring Building Concepts

Activites, Child Led Play, Motor Skills

Playing is the best way to learn how the world works. Most toddlers and preschoolers aren’t ready to read (shocking, I know). They learn best through play and meaningful experiences. Which is where parents and teachers come in. That’s our job. We get to provide them with the experiences and play that teaches them about […]

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Child-Led Play

Activites, Child Led Play, Children Abilities

There are many ways for children to learn through play. My favorite way to see them learning through play is child-led play. Child-led play is just as is sounds: play that is child-led. That doesn’t mean that children run the show, but they do have an equal say in everything that goes on. Child-led play […]

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Child-Led Play: Cotton Balls and Pom Poms

Activites, Child Led Play, Invitations, Motor Skills, Toys

What I enjoy about children, is they will find a way to make something out of ordinary objects. I also love being able to let them lead their own play instead of telling them how to play. Welcome to my first post where I focus on the child-led play that I incorporate with my kiddos […]

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5 Ways to Support Independence in Children

Children Abilities, Motor Skills

As children grow, they begin to desire their independence. They want to show adults that they can do things! Children may be little, but they are capable! Children want to learn self-care so that they can better maneuver the world around them. Adults whether you are a parent, educator, or family member, should try to […]

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My Beliefs in Children

About Me, Children Abilities

I have many beliefs in children. I believe children are great. Children are undervalued in society right now. They hear “no” too often in their short lives. Granted, “no” can’t be 100% avoided, but saying “yes” is easier… and a lot more fun! Let’s say yes to children! I’ve seen so many parents shielding their […]

November 24, 2017

Child-Led Play: Play-Doh

Activites, Child Led Play

Any material where the children can be imaginative lends itself to child-led play. Play-Doh is one of the best child-led play materials, it fits my criteria as a quality toy. It is also a great sensory experience, especially if you make it from scratch. Many materials can be added to play-Doh to help improve child-led […]

December 17, 2017